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Irrigation Repair and Installation in Brandon, FL

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Irrigation is essential to every feature of the landscape. Plants crave nutrients provided by sun, soil, and moisture. When they fail to receive any of these elements, the plant life is unable to grow and thrive in the desired manner. A complete irrigation system makes it easier and more affordable to water the lawn on a regular basis. Instead of dragging around a hose and portable sprinkler, the system is turned on with the push of a button or the flip of a switch.

Whether you wish to install an irrigation system for the first time or your existing system is in need of repair, trust the professionals at Real Lawn Service. Our team is equipped to provide long-lasting irrigation repair and installation in Brandon, FL.

Affordable Sprinkler Installation

Permanent sprinklers do much more than simplify the irrigation process. In many cases, they even help homeowners cut down on water bills! Following sprinkler installation, you never have to worry about leaving the sprinklers on for too long. The latest systems are equipped with timers and sensors, meaning the sprinklers only run for an allotted amount of time and never run when it's already raining. We provide and install all aspects of the system, including:

• Control Boards
• Remotes
• Sensors
• Irrigation Lines
• Valves
• Nozzles
• Spray Heads
• Rotators
• Pumps

Sprinkler in Brandon, FL

Choose from a Wide Range of Irrigation Pumps

Our landscaping company carries and offers a number of different irrigation pumps. Available in varying sizes and prices, you can count on us to find the option that satisfies in all respects. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for the perfect pump that provides ideal irrigation for the entire lawn.

Lawn Irrigation Repair Also Available

The professionals on staff at our business are the experts in all aspects of irrigation systems. This means that in addition to irrigation installations, we also perform lawn irrigation repair. As soon as you notice an issue with your system, it's time to call on the expertise of our team. Even the most minor sprinkler problems can be indicators of more serious, underlying issues that are costly to repair when not resolved in a timely manner. The following are some of the most common irrigation issues that require sprinkler repair:

• Malfunctioning Heads Produce Misting
• Broken Heads Don't Function at All
• Heads Generally Perform Poorly
• Rotary Heads Don't Actually Rotate
• System Runs While It's Raining
• System Won't Run at All
• Leaking from Any Aspect of the System
Real Lawn Service is happy to provide irrigation installations and repairs in Brandon, Riverview, FishHawk Ranch, Valrico, Apollo Beach, Florida, and the nearby areas. To take advantage of a free quote on the sprinkler work you need, contact us at your earliest convenience.